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Health Care & Public Service

Locals had positive feelings about Mercy's compassionate doctors, but were not clear on their advanced capabilities. Below are print and broadcast samples from the campaign.

Addictions to social media and tobacco are based on similar processes in the brain. As an experiment, Arizona's anti-tobacco campaign challenged three teens to give up tobacco and three teens to give up social media for ten days. "Addicteen" exists in a 45 minute form, a 26 minute form, and episodic form. It was also broadcast on PBS stations and public access stations throughout Arizona.

The State of Arizona's Counter Strike Task Force enlists underage teenagers to ensure tobacco retailers are complying with the law. 

Four brave souls in Arizona decided they were ready to quit tobacco. They let us follow them around with a camera.

The Quitty Bank encourages quitters to save the money they used to spend on tobacco.

A TV spot for an affordable dental plan.

I've worked a bit in the complicated world of pharmaceutical advertising. Experience includes non-branded advertising for a cutting-edge HIV medication, advertising for various generics, and the re-brand of a biologic for autoimmune disorders. The latter project came from winning a new business pitch, in which our tiny agency in Maine beat a multinational behemoth pharmaceutical marketing firm. Samples can be provided on request.