Miami Tourism / Assorted B2C / Agency Promotion

Three print ads from the "Express Yourself" campaign for Miami Tourism. Each ad was developed in collaboration with a famed local artist.

An ad intended to let vacationers know there are good golf courses close to the resorts and nightlife in Miami Beach.

This ad was created for a South Florida arts & culture publication.

A promotional radio spot.

One radio spot for the Arizona Milk Producers reminding audiences of the nutritious benefits of milk.

A poster inspired art lovers to visit Jaguar Latam Grill while they were attending a local art fair.

At TURKEL, we decided to mail an environmentally-friendly holiday card to our clients, prospects, and colleagues. We mailed out used greeting cards. Some as old as the 1930's. Most having nothing to do with the holidays. Inside the card, we placed a sticker with an irreverent holiday message.


On the website, visitors were invited to choose a card and send it to their friends.