Cause Marketing

Addictions to social media and tobacco are based on similar processes in the brain. As an experiment, Arizona's anti-tobacco campaign challenged three teens to give up tobacco and three teens to give up social media for ten days. "Addicteen" exists in a 45 minute form, a 26 minute form, and episodic form. It was also broadcast on PBS stations and public access stations throughout Arizona.

Here's an example of how the videos were promoted on YouTube and Facebook.

The State of Arizona's Counter Strike Task Force enlists underage teenagers to ensure tobacco retailers are complying with the law. 

Four brave souls in Arizona decided they were ready to quit tobacco. They let us follow them around with a camera.

The Quitty Bank encourages quitters to save the money they used to spend on tobacco.

Teens say they're addicted to lots of things. None are as hard to beat as tobacco.  

We showed the battles play out, based on online voting. Seven videos were produced altogether. Below, two videos show the final rounds, and the third shows the finale. 

Posters encouraged workers at Cleveland-area employers to donate to the United Way.