Books & Publications

THINK is a photography book featuring the stunning work of Joann McPike. I was blessed with the opportunity to write THINK's philosophical musings, as well as contribute to the overall concept. THINK has been published in limited edition, and given to leading artists, philanthropists, business leaders, and innovators around the world.

Samples from the website, which isn't online anymore.

The photos and text have been used in public exhibitions.

INX Color Perfection shows the company's global leadership in inks for consumer goods, particularly on metal cans. (PDF Samples can be provided on request.)

SOMIC America's Retail-Ready publication directly addresses a fast-growing sector of the packaging industry. (PDF Samples can be provided on request.)

Mid America Paper Recycling further establishes their thought leadership in the industry with Waste Into Wealth. (PDF Samples can be provided on request.)