Self-Promotion / About Me / CV

I regularly create graphics to promote my freelance work on LinkedIn. I've made new business contacts simply through people sharing these posts. Some examples follow.

Advertising is a form of persuasion that solves a specific problem - moving people to act favorably towards a product, a service, or a cause. I've been persuading hearts and minds on behalf of clients for over a decade. Called an "extremely productive creative" by a CP&B/Fallon veteran, I take pride in my ability to tackle complex assignments that some other creatives want to pass on.

I've worked on a variety of brands across the spectrum of B2C, B2B, Cause Marketing, and Health Care, with a proven track record in cross-cultural communications. My experience includes work in all the regular ad mediums plus some non-ad projects, such as an international diplomatic event, two documentaries, and a philosophical art book. Best of all, I'm passionate about teamwork and dedicated to making a positive impact.


Category Experience Overview

Travel, Tourism, Casinos, and Hospitality - Health Care, Public Health Advocacy, and  Pharmaceutical - Architectural, Interior Design, and Building Products - Non Profits - Financial - Food & Beverage - Business To Business - Quick Service Restaurants - Shipping & Logistics - Employee Recruitment - International Diplomacy - Professional Services - Technology


Personal Interests

Philosophy - Economics - Psychology - Science - Politics -  Video Games - Role Playing Games - Science Fiction - Art Deco - Modern Art - Design - International Cultures & Cuisines - Hiking


Top Accomplishments & Recognitions
Wrote “THINK” - an art book published in 2008
Helped create a major international diplomatic event for the UAE
Helped produce two documentaries on public health issues
Recognized in Communication Arts and other award schemes